Download Scenes With Certain Sequence Freeware

Rename files software to rename files recusively or in batch with certain patterns  v.2.0

Rename files in batch with this file renaming software. You can rename java files, rename php files (if developing locally), basically pretty much any kind of file you can rename. You can also rename them in batch by selecting individual files, or by

AV Manager Display System (Freeware)  v.3.0

AV Manager 3.0 supports VIDEO, IMAGE, SCROLLING TEXT, WEB PAGES and POWERPOINT. Screen splitting, online update schedule and group a number of contents with a sequence of playlist.

AV Manager Display System  v.3.0

AV Manager 3.0 supports VIDEO, IMAGE, SCROLLING TEXT, WEB PAGES and POWERPOINT. Screen splitting, online update schedule and group a number of contents with a sequence of playlist.AV Manager 3.0 by Viscomsoft is a simple and easy Information /

3D Living Dinosaurs Screensaver  v.1.0

3D Living Dinosaurs features thoroughly recreated Cretaceous landscapes and plants and animated giant 3D dinosaurs shown in the natural habitats. Stunning scenes with active volcanoes and giant ferns, custom types of numbers of dinosaurs, roar of

AVI Frame Rate Changer  v.1.10

AVI Frame Rate changer will allow you to modify the frame rate of a pre-rendered AVI video without re-rendering the AVI data. Full Delphi source code is included. Please note that it may not work well with certain AVI files and you may want to keep a

Create Multiple Files from Multiple Content  v.9.0

Do you need software that allows you to easily create multiple files based on multiple content? Perhaps you need to create multiple website pages with certain variables, or you want to create SEO pages to rank better in the search engines? Or,

DMX512 Light Control  v.1.0

Simple programme using the full 512 DMX channels. It functions as a blend between two scenes with the automatic blending of scenes function. From S.O.H.

Rainy Forest Screensavers  v.1.0

Rainy Forest Screensavers 1.0 is a useful software which allows you to make an exciting trip to the tropical rainy forest from your computer.Three perfectly designed screensaver includes three animated scenes with exotic birds, parrots, anaconda,

VideoCAD Lite  v.

VideoCAD_Lite is an inexpensive version of VideoCAD with limited features. VideoCAD_Lite offers only the most useful and easy-to-master tools for CCTV design. VideoCAD Lite will help you construct three dimensional models of real scenes with the

Advanced Roots Informer  v.New

Advanced Roots Informer is a small, command prompt based application designed to help you create a list, automatically, of the root of numbers with certain index. Basically all that you have yo do is insert the index and a limit in this application

Virtual Choreographer  v.1.4.9

Virtual Choreographer, or VirChor, for short is an Open Source real time 3D engine that can run on multiple platforms and relies on an XML-based definition of 3D scenes with graphic and sonic components. VirChor is well-documented and offers

NewBlue Paint Effects  v.1.4

NewBlue Paint Effects makes your video to look like a drawing, painting or cartoon with a click of the mouse. This top-selling collection features 134 presets in 12 distinct video effects designed to transform your scenes with artistic color and

GREmailRobot  v.3.0.12

GREmailRobot lets you handle your email messages in a new way. You can automate your email box so that if you send a message with certain characteristics then this software can handle it how you have programmed. For example a simple use is to

Emergent Mercenary  v.04

Emergent Mercenary is a 3D FPS with strategy overtones, and an excerise in emergent gaming. It should be easy to setup a scenario (e.g. hunt criminal) just by placing characters with certain AI into the game and see them

EZPhysics  v.1.1.7

EZPhysics API library integrates rigid-body physics pretty graphics. Rigg up skeletal meshes and virtual reality scenes with simulated joints, mass and collision info. Combines ODE, Ogre3D, wxWidgets. Aspires to become a real-time robot

JSeqUnit  v.1.0

JSeqUnit enhances Javadoc documentation with UML sequence diagrams that are generated with the help of JUnit tests. It uses JSeq to trace the execution of test executions. It supports re-engineering of components through improved reverse engineering

Plush Player  v.0.1

Contains 1.) A XML-Viewer for displaying 3D scenes with the 3D-plush library. 2.) A material editor which allows interactive manipulating materials of objects in a scene. Developed with DJGPP. Runs in Dosbox

TStudio3D  v.7

tStudio3D is a set of realtime 3D applications based on a custom implementation of the Genesis3D game engine. Use tDesigner3D to create BSP maps. Organize scenes live with tDirector3D. Distribute and run tDirector3D scenes with

WxGeneee  v.b

The set of tools for biopolymer sequence analysis togetherwith GUI to work with biopolymer sequence databases.The tools include pairwise and multiple alignment, philogenetic tree construction and

XRayTracer  v.1.0

XRayTracer is an implementation for the "Computergraphik Praktikum".The goal of this project is to learn how a raytracer works.We render 3D-Scenes with several algorithms:Ray-Triangle-Intersection4x4Bezier-PatchesBounding-Box-Trees

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